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means ensuring you’re never without answers to important questions that may arise with prospective clients, or with existing clients during a Short Sale.
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Why NOW is the Time to Market for Short Sales

Many of your competitors have tapered their Short Sale marketing efforts because they believed the tide was turning, but consider the following: -       The recent value explosion was driven by tight inventory, resulting from banks retaining large segments of their portfolios for “rental purposes” -       Much of the dwindling bidding frenzy involved Cash investors who’ve since paredContinue Reading

Most Recent 100 Short Sale Transactions



legend-HAFA-Short-Sale-Negotiation-Credit-Angel-HAFA Short Sale Program- 12

legend-Other-Cash-Incentive-Programs-Short-Sale-Negotiation-Credit-Angel-Other Cash Incentive Programs- 14

legend-Traditional-Short-Sale-Negotiation-Credit-Angel-Traditional Short Sales- 71

legend-Foreclosed-Short-Sale-Negotiation-Credit-Angel-Foreclosed- 3